Admission and Widhdrawals

Admissions are done on the basis of an interview and entrance examination. The merit of the student is the sole criterion of selection. The school does not charge capitation fees, offers of donations etc.
Admission & Withdrawal -

  • Admission is granted only on submitting the ‘Application Form’ duly filled and signed along with the birth certificate. A transfer certificate and the mark sheet of the last Annual / Half – yearly Examination will be required from those coming from other schools and the candidates will be subjected to a test of capacity. Correct name and date of birth is to be given in admission form and this once registered, cannot be altered.
  • Pupils joining or leaving the school during any term will have to pay all the fees of that year and the annual fee.
  • Pupils discontinuing in the middle of the term shall pay for the entire term and those discontinuing after July shall pay for the entire year.
  • A written application is required for withdrawing a pupil from the school. Parents may apply in the application form available at the school office. Transfer certificate will be issued only when all dues are fully paid and after two days on receipt of a written application from a parent/guardian.